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heavy metal


1. Diving Into Sin (4:00)
2. Humanoid (4:35)
3. Frankenstein (4:14)
4. Man Up (5:08)
5. The Reckoning (4:34)
6. Nobody Gets Out Alive (4:06)
7. Ravages Of Time (4:15)
8. Unbreakable (4:53
9. Hard Times (3:41)
10. Mind Games (4:05)
11. Straight Up Jack (3:27)
12. Southside Of Hell (4:56)


Mark Tornillo (Mark Alan Tornillo)(8.06.1954 (Brielle, New Jersey) - Vocals
Wolf Hoffmann (10.12.1959 Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany) - Guitar
Uwe Lulis (6.12.1965 Osnabrück, Lower Saxony, Germany) - Guitar
Martin Motnik (10.11.1972 Ludwigshafen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany) - Bass
Christopher Williams (16.11.1985 Greensboro, North Carolina) - Drums

Written by Hoffmann/Motnik/Tornillo (1,8)
Written by Hoffmann/Tornillo (2,4,6,10,11,12)
Written by Lulis/Hoffmann/Tornillo (3)
Written by Hoffmann/Motnik (5,7)
Written by Curtis Mayfield (9)

Produced & Mixed by Andy Sneap
Additional Guitars by Phil Shouse
Additional Backing Vocals by Clay Vann and Matt Smith

Artwork and Layout by Gyula Havancsák
Photos: Grzegorz Gołębiowski

First And Foremost, We'd Like To Express Our Deepest Gratitude To All. The Incredible Accept Fans Worldwide. Your Unwavering Support And Enthusiasm Over The Years Means Everything Ti Us. It Is Because Of You That We Continue To Be Inspired And Proudly Fly Flag Of Metal. We're Truly Humbled, Grateful, And Honored To Be On This Journey Together. - Accept 2024

Andy Sneap - Thank You For The Continued Frienship And Yet Another Killer Album!!!

Continental Concerts & Management
Accept Manager - Antje Lange, Gerald Wilkes, Heike Herkenroth, Imke Wilkes, Niklas Herkenroth

Napalm Records: Thomas Caser, Billie Klein, Lukas Frank, Soyan Osman, Marcus Riedler.

BMG: Jörg Allrath, Lüder Castringius

Sound Talent Group: Randy Salcedo

EMP: Ludger Bussman

Ward Records: Yasutaka Namiki Mirai Kawashim

Wacken/ICS: Holger Huebner, Thomas Jensen
Pragokoncert: George Daron
Seaside Entertainment: Jan Quiel

For Keeping Our Asses Out Of Legal Trouble: Fred Hoock, Roy Rutledge

Social Media Manager: Ava-Rebekah Rahman

Our Crew: Martin Löh - TM, Oliver Tschotow - FOH, Ryan Goldbacher - FOH/TM, Andreas "Mini" Mertens - LD, Armin Lange - LD, Niklas Krutschinski - LD, Paul Perlejewski - Guitar Tech, Bryan Blumer - Guitar Tech, Oliver Kaminski - Guitar Tech, Kristian Walter - Drum Tech, Daniel Douchette - Drum Tech, Tom Braakmann - Tour Merchandise

Artwork: Anja Rinne

A Huge Thanks To Our 'Extended Accept Family': Markus Müller, Patrick Walch, Oystein Mangseth, Harald Flüter, Kaisa Hirvonen, Theresa Hopkins, Ed Aborn, Martin Carlsson, Mohsen Fayyazi, Tim Henderson, Markm Gromen, Kaz Hirose, Martin Huber, Scott Diussa, Chizuka Kakizawa, Nat Komes, Borivoj Krgin, Arnot Peltner, Bill Peters, Munsey Ricci, Dieter Roesberg, Andreas Schoewe, Stephan Soto, Holger Stratmann, John Strednansky, John Morgan Photography, Claudio Vincentin, DJ Will, Thorsteb Zahn, Grupa 13, Christoph Vohler, John Mattos.

All Rights Reserved
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2024 (Napalm Records – NPR1213MB) CD (EU) (51:54)
2024 (Napalm Records – NPR1213VINYL) LP (EU/A/US)
2024 (Napalm Records – NPR1213DGS) CD (US/EU) (48:12)
2024 (Napalm Records – ?) Box Set (US/EU)
2024 (Ward Records – GQCS-91457) CD (JAP) (48:13)
2024 (MediEvil Records – MER009, Valhall Music – MER009) CD (BRA)
2024 (Under The Bridge Records – UTB037) CD (MEX)
2024 (Icarus Music – 1616) CD (ARG)
2024 (Napalm Records – NPR1213MB) CD (RUS)

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