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Live Insurrection (2CD)

<br><b>Live Insurrection</b> <small> (2CD)</small>

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Disc 1 (62:47)

1. Resurrection (4:02)
2. Made In Hell (4:13)
3. Into The Pit (4:15)
4. Nailed To The Gun (3:35)
5. Light Comes Out Of Black (5:00)
6. Stained Class (5:32)
7. Jawbreaker (3:25)
8. Running Wild (3:02)
9. Slow Down (4:40)
10. The One You Love To Hate (feat. Bruce Dickinson) (3:11)
11. Life In Black (4:26)
12. Hell's Last Survivor (3:24)
13. Sad Wings (3:33)
14. Saviour Half (2:57)
15. Silent Screams (7:32)

Disc 2 (50:22)

1. Intro (0:14)
2. Cyberworld (3:04)
3. The Hellion (0:48)
4. Electric Eye (3:29)
5. Riding On The Wind (3:10)
6. Genocide - 1st Encore (7:36)
7. Beyond The Realms Of Death (6:51)
8. Metal Gods - 2nd Encore (4:34)
9. Breaking The Law (3:50)
10. Tyrant (4:41)

Studio tracks:

11. Screaming In The Dark Hal (3:41)
12. Heart Of A Lion (3:51)
13. Prisoner Of Your Eyes (4:33)


Rob Halford (Robert John Arthur Halford)(25.08.1951 Birmingham, West Midlands, England)(Judas Priest) - Vox
Patrick Lachman (31.03.1970 Portland, Oregon)(Diesel Machine) - Guitars
Mike Chlasciak ( Michael Chlasciak)(5.10.1971 Warsaw, Poland)(Metal Mike, Painmuseum) - Guitars
Ray Riendeau (14.06.19?? Davenport, Iowa)(2wo, Dirty Blonde, James LaBrie) - Bass
Bobby Jarzombek (Robert Alan Jarzombek)(4.09.1963 San Antonio, Texas)(Fates Warning, Painmuseum, Sebastian Bach, Spastic Ink, The Foundry, Zierler) - Drums

All songs recorded throughout Halford愀 2000 & 2001 „Resurrection” World Tour (except studio tracks)

Produced by Roy Z.
Executive Producer / A&R: John Baxter
Management: Rod Smallwood and Merck Mercuriadis for Sanctuary Music Management Ltd - London / New York
Mastered by: George Marino - Sterling Sound, NY
Live Shows Recorded By: Eric Kuglin, Tony Harris For Manor Mobiles
Assistant Engineering on Live Show Recordings: Sven Hertens & Alex Goodison For Manor Mobiles
Mixed at: Silver Cloud Recording, Burbank, CA
Mixed by Charlie Bauerfeind & Roy Z.
Digital Edited: Richard "Guru" Carrette
Additional Engineering: Joe "Flo" Floyd & Richard "Guru" Carrette
Pre-Production Digital Transfers - Platinum Studios, Phx, AZ
Engineer: Sean White
Pro Tools Engineer: Jason Southard
North American Booking: Rick Roskin - CAA
International Booking: John Jackson - Helter Skelter
North American Travel Agent: Debra Copelan - Tzell Travel
International Travel Agent: Vicky Sellicks - Platinum Travel International London.
Merchandise: Barry Drinkwater at Big Tours

Lyrics Available at: Send your e.mail to:

Band Equipment:

Rob Halford - various microphones

Bobby Jarzombek:
2 x Pearl 24" Kick Drums / Pearl 10" Tom Tom / Pearl 12" Tom Tom / Pearl 14" Tom Tom / Pearl 16" Tom Tom / 2 x Pearl Snare Drums S. Ferrone / Pearl Drum Rack and Hardware / Assorted Paise 2002 Power Cymbals / (2) Drum Workshop Pedals / Vic Firth sticks

Ray Riendeau: Fender Deluxe 5-String Bass / 2 x Fender Standard 4-string Bass / 3 x Sunn 1200-S Bass Amplifiers / 4 x Sunn 410-H Bass Speaker Cabinets / Furman PL-Plus Power Conditioner / Korg DTR-1 Tuner / Shure Wireless Receiver / Wirlwind Multi Director DI. / Bill Cummiskey /

Cliff @ / Bass Player / Bass Frontiers / Bassics / Bass Street

Patrick Lachman:
Jackson SL2H Guitars / Furman PL-Plus Power Conditioner / Korg DTR-1 Turner / Mesa Boogie Tri-Axis Preamp / TC Electronics G-Forces Effects Processor / DMC Ground Control Pedalboard / Shure Wireless Receiver / Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier / Mesa Boogie 290 Power Amp / 4 x Mesa Boogie Rectifier CEL-30 4 x 12 Speaker Cabinets.

Mike Chlasciak:
1 x Jackson SL2H Guitar / 2 x Jackson Guitars / 1 x ESP Serpent 'George Lynch' Guitar / 1 x Ibanez USA Custom Guitar / 1 x Ibanez RG750 Guitar / SKB Pedal Board / Furman PL-Plus Power Conditioner / Marshall JMP-1 Preamp / Shure Wireless Receiver / Marshall EL 34 100/100 Power Amp / Mesa Boogie Power 290 Amp / Boss NS-2 Effect Pedal / 4 x Mesa Boogie CEL-30 4 x Speaker Cabinets

Resurrection World Tour - Working Personel:

Gregg Kozak - Tour & Production Mgr
Eric Kuglin - FOH Sound Engineer
Ian 'Squld' Walsh - Monitor Engineer
Tim Hudson - Monitor Engineer (N.America)
Brian O'Carroll - Stage Mgr.
Clint Letulier - Asst. Stage Mgr.
Mark Scrimshaw - Lightiing Technician
Jim Erickson - Media Coordinator
Doug Van Raam - U.S. Truck Driver / Shaggy (US) Bus Drive / Simon (UK) Bus Driver
Deb Copelan - Travel
Rob Campbell - Truck Driver (Europe)
Stuart Horsburgh Bus Driver (Europe) / I an 'Evo' Evans Merchandising
Mirko Marten - Promotion Coordinator (Europe)
Akira Takagi Stage Manager (Japan)
Yoshie Miyamoto - Tour Manager (Japan)
Rick Roskin - N.A. Booking CAA
John Jackson - International Booking
Rod Smallwood, Merck Mercuriadis and Steve McT - Sanctuary Records & Management

The Halford Crew would like to express their gratitude to all the local stage crews around the world for their hard work and professionalism during the tour

Writters Credits:
All tracks written by Rob Halford except
track 1 written with P.Lachman, J.Baxter & Roy Z.
track 2 written with J.Baxter & Roy Z.
tracks 6,12,24 written with G. Tipton
tracks 7,17,18,19,20,22,23,26 written with G. Tipton & K. Downing
track 8 written by G.Tipton
track 9 written ny B.Marlette & Roy Z.
track 10 written with B.Dickinson & Roy Z.
track 12 written with M.Chlasciak
track 13 written with M.Chlasciak & P.Lachman
track 14 written with P.Lachman & Roy Z.
track 15 written with B.Marlette
track 16 written with M.Chlasciak & Roy Z.
track 21 written with Les Binks
track 27 written with K.Downing & P.Lachman

All tracks published by EMI Publishing Ltd / Warner Chapell Music Ltd.

Front cover layout: Jena Petsch
Booklet design: Peacock
Artwork concept: Steve McTaggart
Additional front cover editing: Paul Brown @ Bau-Da Design Lab
Front cover photographe: Gregg Kozak
Additional photo's by Ross A.A Halfin & Fin Costello

All songs recorded throughout Halford's 2000 & 2001 “Resurrection" World Tour. We've included several "Bonus" tracks which were recorded either at soundcheck before an evening's performance or on a "non-show day." "LIGHT COMES OUT OF BLACK" & "LIFE IN BLACK" were slipped into the "Live" sequence with some stu- dio magic because that's where we believed they worked best - we believe you’ll agree. "THE ONE YOU LOVE TO HATE" is a combination of Rob St Bruce's soundcheck and live performances from the London (LA2) show.

We've worked hard to get a new Halford track Produced for you: "SCREAMING IN THE DARK;" along with, two re-polished and completed demos: "HEART OF A LION" and "PRISONER OF YOUR EYES."

We've put in a lot of time to produce 27 tracks (28 for the Japan release) from December 1, 2000 through January 19, 2001, for we knew each of you wanted as many tracks squeezed onto a "double-live" CD release as possible. We also wanted to create an outstanding 22nd release for Rob - in this his 30th anniversary year.

Through the sequence, you may note minute variations in the band's "Live" sound and audience levels. This is a by-product of bringing you a recording produced over the course of many months; in multiple rooms and outdoor sheds - each possessing variable acoustics and temperatures which affect the color and warmth of that eve- ning's performance. - JULY 2000

℗ 2001 The copyright in these sound recordings is owned by Sanctuary Copyrights Ltd.
© 2001 Sanctuary Copyrights Ltd.
Metal-is Records is a label of Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.

2001 (Metal-is Records MISDD 007, MISDD007) 2CD (GB) (62:47)(50:22)
2001 (Mystic Production Myst 267) 2MC (PL)
2001 (EMI Music Canada 06076 85205-2) 2CD (US/CA)
2001 (Metal-is Records BG2 85205) 2CD (US)
2001 (Victor VICP-61350~51) 2CD (JAP)
2001 (Victor VIZP-7) 2CD (JAP) (117:38)
2001 (Ponycanyon Korea PCKD 20055) 2CD (South Korea)
2001 (Metal-is Records, Phantom Records MISDD 007) 2CD (Thailand)
2001 (Icarus Music ICARUS 204) 2CD (ARG)
2002 (Metal-is Records, Globo/Jive MISDD 007, 50384569007-2) 2CD (BRA)
2009 (Metal God Entertainment MGE7077166) 2CD (GB/US) (117:40)
2010 (Sony Records Int'l SICP-2390-1) 2CD (JAP) (117:40)

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