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heavy metal


1. Resurrection (3:58)
2. Made In Hell (4:12)
3. Locked And Loaded (3:18)
4. Night Fall (3:41)
5. Silent Screams (7:06)
6. The One You Love To Hate (3:11)
7. Cyberworld (3:08)
8. Slow Down (4:51)
9. Twist (4:08)
10. Temptation (3:32)
11. Drive (4:30)
12. Saviour (2:57)


Rob Halford (Robert John Arthur Halford)(25.08.1951 Birmingham, West Midlands, England)(Judas Priest) - Vox
Patrick Lachman (31.03.1970 Portland, Oregon)(Diesel Machine) - Guitars
Mike Chlasciak ( Michael Chlasciak)(5.10.1971 Warsaw, Poland)(Metal Mike, Painmuseum) - Guitars
Ray Riendeau (14.06.19?? Davenport, Iowa)(2wo, Dirty Blonde, James LaBrie) - Bass Guitars
Bobby Jarzombek (Robert Alan Jarzombek)(4.09.1963 San Antonio, Texas)(Fates Warning, Painmuseum, Sebastian Bach, Spastic Ink, The Foundry, Zierler) - Drums

Written by R.Halford - P.Lachman - J.Baxter - Roy Z. (1)
Written by R.Halford - Roy Z. - J.Baxter (2)
Written by R.Halford - P.Lachman - Roy Z. (3,12)
Written by R.Halford - P.Lachman - M.Chlasciak (4)
Written by R.Halford - B.Marlette (5)
Written by R.Halford - B.Dickinson - Roy Z. (6)
Written by R.Halford - M.Chlasciak - Roy Z. (7)
Written by R.Halford - Bob Marlette - Roy Z. (8)
Written by Bob Halligan Jr. (9)
Written by R.Halford - P.Lachman - M.Chlasciak - Roy Z. (10)
Written by R.Halford - Roy Z. - B.Marlette (11)

All tracks written or co-written by Rob Halford. administered by EMI Music Publishing Ltd.
Track 06 co-written by Bruce Dickinson. administered by Warner/Chappell Music Ltd. Copyright Control.

All tracks published EMI Music Publishing Ltd / Copyright Control except Track 6 published EMI Music Publishing Ltd / Warner Chappell Music Ltd / Copyright Control and Track 9 Copyright Control

Produced by Roy Z (Roy Ramirez)

Executive Producer / A&R: John Baxter

Rod Smallwood and Merck Mercuriadis
Sanctuary Music Management Ltd. - London / New York

Photography: John Eder & Fin Costello
Front Cover Design: Peacock (Keith Peacock, Stuart Crouch), London
Booklet Design: Hugh Gilmour © Sanctuary Records

Resurrection is the result of thousands of hours of work from August 15, 1998 - June 27, 2000.
Thanks to the following that assisted us in making this recording:

Additional Lead Vocals on "The One You Love To Hate" Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)
Drums on "The One You Love To Hate" Pete Parada (Face To Face)
Keyboards on "Twist" & "Silent Screams" Ed Ross

Drums Recorded At: Sound City - Van Nuys, CA. / Billy Bowers: Engineer, Mike Terry: Asst. Engineer, Mike Fasano: Drum Tuning

Guitars, Bass & Other Instrumentation Recorded At: Silver Cloud - Burbank, CA. Joe Floyd & Roy Z.: Engineers / Richard "Guru" Carrette: Digital Editing

Additional Instrumentation Recorded At: American Recording - Calabasas, CA. Bill Cooper: Engineer

Vox & Additional Instrumentation Recorded At: Bauwhaus Studios - Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Attie Bauw: Engineer

Mixed At: Bauwhaus Studios - Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Attie Bauw
and Mi Sueno Recording Studios - Tenerife, Spain. Charlie Bauerfeind

Mastered At: Sterling Sound - New York, New York by George Marino

Gracious recognition is extended to:
The Metal God's Quorum - - This record is dedicated to each you.
Rod & Merck, Steve McTaggart, Nikki Affeck, Dave Pattenden, Martin Haxby, Bob Ward, Vicky Sellicks, Johnnie Allan and all at Sanctuary.
Polly Polglase and Sarah Philip at

℗2000 The copyright in these sound recordings is owned by Sanctuary Copyrights Ltd. under exclusive license to Victor Entertainment Inc.
©2000 Rob Halford Music Ltd.

2000 (Metal-is Records, Sanctuary MISCD001) CD (GB/EU/AUS/Malaysia) (48:37)
2000 (Metal-is Records MISBX001, MISCD001) Box (GB)
2000 (Metal-is Records MISLP001) LP (GB) (48:32)
2000 (Mystic Production MYST 261) MC (PL)
2000 (Metal-is Records 06076 85200-2) CD (US/CA)
2000 (Metal-is Records BG2 85200) CD (US/CA)
2000 (Metal-is Records 0607685200-4) MC (US)
2000 (Victor VICP-61134) CD (JAP) (55:33)
2000 (Metal-is Records, Phantom Records MISMC001) MC (Thailand)
2000 (Metal-is Records 9107000-2) CD (BRA)
2000 (BMG Russia 82876 67788 2) CD (RUS)
2000 (Invisible Halahup MC-023/84) MC (RUS)
2006 (Icarus Music ICARUS 203) CD (ARG) (48:30)
2009 (Metal God Entertainment MGE7077150) CD (GB) (61:43) remastered
2010 (Sony Records Int'l SICP 2389) CD (JAP)

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