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Too Mean To Die

<br><b>Too Mean To Die</b>

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Nuclear Blast GmbH

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27361 55412 - NB 554

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heavy metal


1. Zombie Apocalypse (5:35)
2. Too Mean To Die (4:21)
3. Overnight Sensation (4:24)
4. No Ones Master (4:10)
5. The Undertaker (5:38)
6. Sucks To Be You (4:05)
7. Symphony Of Pain (4:39)
8. The Best Is Yet To Come (4:47)
9. How Do We Sleep (5:41)
10. Not My Problem (4:22)
11. Samson And Delilah (instrumental) (4:31)


Wolf Hoffmann (10.12.1959 Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany) - guitar
Mark Tornillo (Mark Alan Tornillo)(8.06.1954 Brielle, New Jersey) - vocals
Uwe Lulis (6.12.1965 Osnabrck, Lower Saxony, Germany) - guitar
Philip Shouse (26.08.19?? Madison Wisconsin) - guitar
Martin Motnik (10.11.1972 Ludwigshafen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany) - bass
Christopher Williams (16.11.1985 Greensboro, North Carolina) - drums

Produced & Mixed by Andy Sneap (Judas Priest)
Artwork and Layout by Gyula Havancs嫜 and Tim Wezel

Additional Backing Vocals: Clay Vann

Written by Hoffmann/Tornillo (1,5)
Written by Hoffmann/Tornillo/Deaffy (Gaby Hoffmann) (2,3,7)
Written by Motnik/Hoffmann/Tornillo (4,6)
Written by Hoffmann/Tornillo/Motnik/Deaffy (Gaby Hoffmann)(8,9,10)
Written by Camille Saint-Sa螚s/Anton璯 Dvo鸅k, arr.: Hoffmann (11)

As the years come and go, the ACCEPT community continues to move closer together. No matter who you are or where you call home, we all share this common bond of music. It is the thread that keeps us together. We know that for every moment in life, we can take comfort in music and in finding "the" song that fits the occasion. That's because the songwriter lives, breathes, bleeds and laughs just as we all do. Even through the worst experiences in life, we must remember to be grateful for they are necessary to make the best experiences possible and meaningful. To the ones who have helped shape our lives and careers and who stood by us no matter what - you know who you are - we offer you a metal heartfelt THANK YOU!

Special thanx for a lifetime in the driver's Seat, your love, care, support, dedication and never ending creativity: Gaby Hoffman aka "Deaffy".

For your dedication and enthusiasm and your endleyy support:

Continental Concerts & Management
ACCEPT manager: Antje Lange, Gerald & Imke Wilkes, Heike Herkenroth, Tobias May, Bernd Wilbert

NUCEAR BLAST: Jens Prueter, Christine Stephen, Yorck Eysel, Tine Stumpp, Tim Wezel, Carina Fromhertz, Vera Stieger, Jasmin Mrozek, Gerardo Martinez, Zel Romero, Kristin Torres, Mike Ruiz, Mark Palmer, Claire Harris, Tosca Gaillard, Jaap Wagemaker, Barbara Francone, Sergi Ramos, Jean Marc Tristani, Valerie Reux, Darren Edwards, Silke Yli-Sirni, John Howarth, Gerard Werron, Michael Wardzala, Adam Brzezinski

BMG: J顤g Allrath, Lder Castringius

WARD RECORDS: Yasutaka Namiki, Lillian Yiu - Tokyo Onkyo: Miura Yumi - Pragokoncert: George Daron - WACKEN/ICS: Holger Huebner, Thomas Jensen, - K Productions: Julien Pagnon, We Live

You Always Have Our Backs: Fred Hoock, Roy Rutledge

To The Best Road Crew In The World:
Martin Loehr, ZM
Oliver Tschotow, FOH
"Mini" Mertens, LD
Oliver Kaminski, guitar tech
Kriszti嫕 Walter, drum tech
Tom Braakman, Maestro Of Merch
Barry Brostrom, Marc Sokal, Bryan Blumer and Daniel Douchette

Andy Sneap - You Rock!
Thanks for "Making The Metal" with us once again!

Patrick Walch, Martin Mueller, Oystein Mangseth, Frederick Duhautpas, Kaisa Hirvonan, Brenda & Luis, Theresa Hopkins, Ed Aborn, Tom Braakmann, Martin Carlsson, Mohsen Fayyazi, Tim Henderson, Mark Groman, Kaz Hirose, Martin Huber, Chizuka Kakizawa, Nat Komes, Borivoj Krgin, Melo Mafali, Naomi Ohno, Arndt Peltner, Bill Peters, Munsey Ricci, Dieter Roesberg, Andreas Schoewe, Stephan Soto, Holger Stratmann, John Strednansky, Clay Vann, Claudio Vincentin, DJ Will, Thorsten Zahn, Mark Hyman, Wolfgang Jung, Florence Wilfer

This album is dedicated to the loving memory of Michael Tyler Tornillo

℗ + © 2021 • Nuclear Blast GmbH. Oeschstrsse 40, 73072 Donzdorf, Germany. All rights reserved. Manufactured and Distributed by Universal Music Germany.

2021 (Nuclear Blast NB 5541-9, 27361 55411) 2LP (D)
2021 (Nuclear Blast NB 5749-8, 27361 55411) 2LP (D)
2021 (Nuclear Blast NB 5749-4, 27361 55411) 2LP (D)
2021 (Nuclear Blast NB 5749-3, 27361 55411) 2LP (D)
2021 ( Nuclear Blast NB 727361 57496 3, 7 27361 57496 3) 2LP (D)
2021 (Nuclear Blast NB 5541-1, 27361 55411) 2LP (GB/EU/US)
2021 (Nuclear Blast NB 5541-8, 27361 55411) 2LP (GB/EU/US)
2021 (Nuclear Blast NB 5541-2, 27361 55412) CD (GB/EU) (52:13)
2021 (Nuclear Blast NB 5750-4) MC (GB/EU) (52:13)
2021 (Nuclear Blast NB 5541-4, 27361 55414) Box Set, Limited Edition (GB/EU) (104:24)
2021 (Nuclear Blast NB 5541-5, NB 27361 55414) Box Set, Limited Edition (GB/EU)
2021 (Nuclear Blast NB 5749-7, 27361 55411) 2LP (EU)
2021 (Nuclear Blast NB 5749-9, 27361 55411) 2LP (F)
2021 (Nuclear Blast NB 5750, 5750) 2LP (US)
2021 (Nuclear Blast NB 5750-2, 5750-2) 2CD (US)
2021 (Nuclear Blast NB55412) CD (AUS)
2021 (Ward Records GQCS-90993) CD (JAP) (52:13)
2021 (Shinigami Records, Nuclear Blast NBSR102) CD (BRA)
2021 (Soyuz Music SZCD 0480-21) CD (RUS)
2021 (Nuclear Blast 27361 55412) CD (RUS)

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