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pop rock


1. Long Tailed Winter Bird (5:17)
2. Find My Way (3:55)
3. Pretty Boys (3:01)
4. Women and Wives (2:53)
5. Lavatory Lil (2:23)
6. Deep Deep Feeling (8:27)
7. Slidin’ (3:25)
8. The Kiss of Venus (3:09)
9. Seize The Day (3:23)
10. Deep Down (5:55)
11. Winter Bird/When Winter Comes (3:13)
Limited Edition, Special Edition Japan
12 Women and Wives (studio outtake) (3:15)
13. Lavatory Lil (studio outtake) (2:07)
14. The Kiss of Venus (phone demo) (2:11)
15. Slidin’ (Dsseldorf jam) (4:58)

Contains 4 bonus tracks:
- 'Woman And Wives (Studio Outtake)', also found on the 'McCartney III' Yellow version.
- 'Lavatory Lil (Studio Outtake)', also found on the 'McCartney III' Red version.
- 'The Kiss Of Venus (Phone Demo)', also found on the 'McCartney III' White version.
- 'Slidin' (Dsseldorf Jam)', also found on the 'McCartney III' Blue version.


Paul McCartney (Sir James Paul McCartney)(18.08.1942 Walton Hospital, Liverpool, Lancaster, England)(ex. The Beatles, The Wings)


Instruments and Voices by Paul McCartney
Acoustic Guitar (1,2,3,5,6,8,10,11)
Drums (1,2,3,4,5,6,9,10)
Harmonium (1,10,11)
Hofner Bas (1,2,6,7,9,11)
Recorder (1,11)
Electric Guitar (2,3,5,6,7,9)
Harpsichord (2,3,8)
Moog Bass (2,5,10)
Piano (2,3,4,6,9)
Synth Bass (2)
Double Bass (3,4)
Foot Stamping (6)
Maracas (6,9)
Mellotron (6,11)
Synthesizer (6)
Rhodes (9,10)
Tambourine (9)
Wurlitzer Electric Piano (9)
Percussion (11)

Produced and Composed by Paul McCartney
Made in Rockdown
Engineered by Steve Orchard, assisted by Keith Smith at Hog Hill Mill
(Except track 7 also with Greg Kurstin, Alex Pasco, Rusty Anderson (Electric Guitar), Abe Laboriel Jr. (bass), and track 11 also with George Martin and Bob Kraushaar)
Mastered by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound


Instruments and Voices by Paul McCartney
Produced and Composed by Paul McCartney
Engineered by Steve Orchard and Paul McCartney
(track 15 also with Paul 'Wix' Wickens, Rusty Anderson, Abe Laboriel Jr., Brian Ray and Paul 'Pab' Bothroyd)
Mastered by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound

Cover Art and Typography by Ed Ruscha
Cover Portrait by Mary McCartney
Creative Art Direction by Paul McCartney
All other photography by Mary McCartney, Sonny McCartney and Paul McCartney (it's a family affair!)
Art Direction and Design by Nick Steinhardt

All tracks © 2020 MPL Commumications Ltd administrated by MPL Commumications Inc.
except tarck 7 and 15 © 2020 MPL Commumications Inc./All rights reserved. Used by permission

20-12-18 (20-12-18) UICY-15964 Made in Japan Capitol Records; ℗© 2020 MPL Commumications Ltd under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

Capitol Records; ℗© 2021 MPL Communications Ltd under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited. Made in the EU. BIEM/SDRM. LC 00148. 00602435136561

MPL Production: Alex Parker, Aoife Corbett, Richard Miller, Sarah Brown, Steve Ithell
MPL Publishing and Copyright: Nancy Jeffries, Mark Levy, Patricia O'Hearn, Ben Humphreys
Project Manager: Scott Rodger

Thanks to Nancy, my ever-wonderful family and Steve Orchard, Keith Smith, Eddie Klein, Jamie Kirkham, Louis Morris, Lee Eastman, Alex Parker, Aoife Corbett, Arjun Pulijal, everyone at Capitol Records/UMG and all at MPL, Jack and Third Man ... and a special thanks to the Ruscha Studio

This album is dedicated to the memory of our friend Eddie Klein (1943-2020)" (Sound engineer)

Original release date of 11th December 2020 was announced on 21st October 2020.
Release date pushed back to 18th December 2020 mid-November 2020.

2020 (Capitol Records, MPL 00602435321738) MC (GB)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL 00602435136561) CD (EU/MEX) (44:42)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL 00602435513201) CD (EU)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL 00602435513225) CD (EU)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL 00602435513195) CD (EU)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL 00602435513249) CD (EU)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL 00602435136578, 00602435136561) CD (EU)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL 00602435136592) LP (EU)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL 00602435321783) LP (EU)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL 602435384702, B003321401) LP (EU/USA)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL 00602435136592, B003321201) LP (EU/USA)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL Third Man Records 00602435321875, TMR-707) LP (US)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL Third Man Records B003308601, TMR-707) LP (US)
2020 (Third Man Records, Capitol Records, MPL TMR-707, B003295401) LP (US)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL 00602435321820) LP (EU)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL 0602435445939) CD (US)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL B003285202) CD (US)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL B003327802) CD (US)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL B003327902) CD (US)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL B003328002) CD (US)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL B003327802 01) CD box (US)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL B003285401) LP (US)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL B003308001) LP (US)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL B003308101) LP (US)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL B003316101) LP (US)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL B003321301) LP (US)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL B003285501) LP (US)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL B003307901) LP (US)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL B003308704) MC (US)
2020 (Capitol Records ?) 15xFile, MP3, Album, Dlx, VBR (US)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL UICY-15964) CD-SHM (JAP) (57:17)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL UICY-15966) CD-SHM (JAP) (44:49)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL UIJY-75187) LP (JAP)
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL ?) 11xFile, AAC, Album, 256
2020 (Capitol Records 00602435136516) 11xFile, MP3, Album, 320
2020 (Capitol Records, MPL 0060243513656) CD (BRA)

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