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Sin Pecado

<br><b><font color=crimson> Sin</font> </b><i> Pecado</i>

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Century Media

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doom metal/black metal


1. Slow Down! (0:40)
2. Handmadegod (5:33)
3. 2econd Skin (4:51)
4. Abysmo (4:59)
5. Flesh (3:04)
6. Magdalene (6:17)
7. V.C. (Gloria Domini) (4:59)
8. Eurotica (3:49)
9. Mute (5:58)
10. Dekadence (5:49)
11. Let The Children Cum To Me... (6:53)
12. The Hanged Man (6:26)
13. 13! (2:42)


Fernando Ribeiro (Fernando Miguel Santos Ribeiro)(26.08.1974 (Brandoa, Lisbon, Portugal) - vocals
Ricardo Amorim (17.04.1973 Lisbon, Portugal) - guitars
Mike Gaspar (Miguel Teixeira Gaspar)(8.03.1976 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA) - drums
Pedro Paix緌 (Pedro Paixão Telhada)(b.1973 Portugal) - synths, samplers and programming
S廨gio Crestana (b. São Paulo, Brazil) - bass

All music by MOONSPELL. All lyrics by Fernando Ribeiro.

Recorded between 21st of July & 19th of September 1997 at Woodhouse Studios, Hagen, Germany
Produced by Waldemar Sorychta and Moonspell
Mixed by Siggi Bemm, Waldemar Sorychta and Moonspell
Vocal coach: Birgit Zacher (also additional vocals on “Flesh”)
Chorus by MS Coiro
Pre-produced by Markus Freiwald and Moonspell at Mute studio June 1997, Dortmund

Cover/booklet and bandphotos: Rolf Brenner, all shots taken in Portugal, April 97
Model: Miriam Carmo
Art Direction: Carsten Drescher (Media logistics) and Moonspell
Official internet page : Wolfficial H.P
Official band address : PO box 61061, 2700 Brandoa, Portugal.
(please enclose ALWAYS sufficient return postage)

Distribution: SPV in Germany; Caroline Distribution in the U.S.; Suburban in Benelux; House Of Kicks in Sweden; Plastic Head in UK; Media 7 in France; NSM Records in Austria; Disctrade in Switzerland; Self Distribution in Italy; Mastertrax in Spain; Musica Alternativa in Portugal; MMP in Poland; Globus in Czech Republic; Music Dome in Hungary; Megatherion in Greece; Voices Of Wonder in Norway; Spinefarm in Finland; Nordic Metal in Denmark; NEMS Enterprises in Argentina; St. Clair in Canada; M.D.M.A. in Israel; Shock in Australia; Rock Brigade in Brazil.

℗ 1998 Century Media Records. © 1998 Magic Arts Publishing

1998 (Century Media 77190-1) LP (D) (62:02)
1998 (Century Media 77190-2) CD (D/RUS) (61:59)
1998 (Century Media 77190-4) MC (D) (62:00)
1998 (Metal Mind Records MASS 0490) MC (PL) (59:40)
1998 (Century Media CD 7890-2) CD (US) (61:53)
1998 (Century Media VICP-60244) CD (JAP) (62:05)
1998 (NEMS Enterprises, Rock Brigade Records NEMS 43, RBR 980) CD (South America)
1998 (ООО "ДОРА" JPCD9803201) CD (RUS)
2002 (Monsters Of Rock MOFR 00056) CD (RUS)
2005 (Фоно FO454CD) CD (RUS)
2006 (Del Imaginario Discos D.I. 047) CD (ARG)
2013 (Floga Records FL55) 2LP (GRE)
2019 (Napalm Records NPR 913 DP) CD (EU/D/US) (62:00)
2019 (Napalm Records NPR 913 VINYL) 2LP (EU) (62:00)

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