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the butterfly effect

<br><b>the butterfly effect</b>

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doom metal/black metal


1. Soulsick (4:16)
2. Butterfly Fx (3:51)
3. Can't Bee (5:11)
4. Lustmord (3:44)
5. Selfabuse (4:16)
6. I Am The Eternal Spectator (3:31)
7. Soulitary Vice (3:27)
8. Disappear Here (3:33)
9. Adaptables (3:01)
10. Angelizer (4:30)
11. Tired (5:24)
12a. K (5:28) (12:38)
12b. O mal de Cristo (7:09)


Fernando Ribeiro (Fernando Miguel Santos Ribeiro)(26.08.1974 (Brandoa, Lisbon, Portugal) - Vocals
Mike Gaspar (Miguel Teixeira Gaspar)(8.03.1976 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA) - Drums
Ricardo Amorim (17.04.1973 Lisbon, Portugal) - Guitars
S廨gio Crestana (b.(São Paulo, Brazil) - Bass
Pedro Paix緌 (Pedro Paixão Telhada)(b.1973 Portugal) - Synths and samplers

Oli Albergaria Savill - Congas, Timbales (4)
Julie Katnoria - Telephone (6)
Oli Albergaria Savill - Caxixi [Caixixi], Maracas, Shaker (7)
Oli Albergaria Savill - Caxixi [Caixixi], Shaker (8)
Fernando Ribeiro - Noises [Dictaphone] (9)
Oli Albergaria Savill - Udu [Udo], Talking Drum, Cuica, Sounds [Water], Percussion [Unhas De Cabra, Nozes, Cesto Guarani], Shaker (12a)

All lyrics by Fernando Ribeiro (except)
"O mal de Christo" lyrics by William S. Burroughs († 1997), Adapted (Deconstruction): Fernando Ribeiro

Music by Pedro Paix緌, S廨gio Crestana (1-3,11,12a)
Music by Pedro Paix (4-10) Music by Pedro Paix緌, Ricardo Amorim, S廨gio Crestana (5)

Percussion sounds in "Butterfly FX" extracted from "Heart Of Africa" (Spectrasonics).
"Tired" features a sample of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's († 1791) "Requiem mass in D minor".

Tracks 2,4 & 5 pre-produced at P'r Musica Studio, Alverca, Portugal.
Track 10's lyrics were unblocked through the DreaMachine effect. Special thanks to David Woodard.
Contains a text by Prof. João Paixão Telhada, Professor at FCUL, University of Lisbon

Recorded at Trident II studios, London, June 99
Produced and engineered by Andy Reilly
Assistant engineer: Richard Hinton
Mastered at Sounddics by Patrick Bird and Andy Reilly

All photos by Paulo Moreira
Layout by Carsten Drescher (Media logistics) and Paulo Moreira
Moonspell has consciously exploited these people during the few past years: Adriano Esteves, Pit Bender, Paulo Moreira and Markus Freiwald.

Moonspell official address: P.O Box 61061, 2700 Alfornelos, Portugal.
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℗ 1999 Century Media Records. © 1999 Magic Arts Publishing

1999 Century Media 77290-1) LP (D) (57:25)
1999 Century Media 77290-2) CD (EU/BRA)
1999 (Metal Mind Records MASS 0750) MC (PL)
1999 (Globus Music 210276-4) MC (CZ)
1999 Century Media CD-7990-2) CD (US)
1996 (Century Media VICP-60900) CD (JAP) (57:22)
2000 (Atlantis Mzik ATL.20016) MC (TUR) (50:12)
2002 (Monsters Of Rock MOFR 00057) CD (D)
2005 (Фоно FO452CD) CD (RUS)
2006 (Icarus Music ICARUS 221) CD (ARG)
2007 (Century Media 77290-2) CD (D) (57:22)

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