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The Antidote

<br><b>The Antidote</b>

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doom metal/black metal


1. In And Above Man (4:11)
2. From Lowering Skies (5:26)
3. Everything Invaded (6:16)
4. The Southern Deathstyles (4:08)
5. Antidote (4:44)
6. Capricorn At Her Feet (6:05)
7. Lunar Still (6:56)
8. A Walk On The Darkside (4:44)
9. Crystal Gazing (4:52)
10. As We Eternally Sleep On It (7:09)
11. + enhanced CD (:) bonus

The enhanced section contains a multimedia player including The Antidote novel written by Jos Luis Peixoto and a video for Everything Invaded. Video Written & Directed By – Frederico Serra, Tiago Guedes


Fernando Ribeiro (Fernando Miguel Santos Ribeiro)(26.08.1974 (Brandoa, Lisbon, Portugal) - vocals
Mike Gaspar (Miguel Teixeira Gaspar)(8.03.1976 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA) - drums
Pedro Paix緌 (Pedro Paixão Telhada)(b.1973 Portugal) - keys, samples & guitars
Ricardo Amorim (17.04.1973 Lisbon, Portugal) - guitars

Bass by Niclas Etel銥uori (8.11.1971 Finland)(Amorphis, Bones, Verenpisara)(appears courtesy of EMI Virgin)

All songs by Moonspell
All lyrics by Fernando Ribeiro

Produced, mixed and engineered by Hiili Hiilesmaa at Finnvox Studios, Finland.
Mastered at Finnvox studios by Mika Jusilla. Pre-produced by Waldemar Sorychta at Inferno studios, Portugal.

Album design by Adriano Esteves for
Creatively assisted by Moonspell
Symbols by Wojtek Blasiak
Cover, layout, band & individual pictures by Paulo Moreira for Naked.


Antidote novel written by Jos Luis Peixoto. Translated into english by Richard Zenith.
Printed used by Kind permission from Temas & Debates. Special thanks to Maria do Rosario Pedreira and Ana Preirinha. Book cover by Fisga Design. Please look for further credits on the multimedia track.

Multimedia book design: Adriano Esteves, coded by Alexandre Gomes for
Original book by João Parrhina. Band and Jos Luis Peixoto pictures by Paulo Moreira for Naked.

Everything invaded video written and directed by Tiago Guedes & Frederico Serra (Zarabatan) for Take it Easy productions, year 2003. Please look for futher credits on enhanced track.

Daniel Makosch (road manager), Miguel Escada, Pit Bender (FOH), Manuel Antunes (Lights), Paulinho (drums), Adriano Sergio, Asti, Cidão, Nuno Torres, Pintão (Backline), Eduardo Viana (Scenario), Danielle van der Sanden (merchandise).

Moonspell bases the Antidote cupful to all the spirits high who believe in all that is not to be believed. To all persons hosting them. We salute you in the name of Fear.

Moonspell thanks heartily to the following companies:
All at Centuria Media, all at Direct Promotion, Rui Salguteiro and Rui Meneses at Road Crew Portugal, Nuno Cruz ans Ze Bi at Access All Areas. All the excellent professionals at Roadies DC. All the excellent professionals at Auditiv, Lda, Esperan蓷 Martins at Lufthansa cargo, Nazar, Pinela, Satu e Ricardo at Bang Bang Tattoos.

℗ 2003 Century Media Records Ltd. © Magic Arts Publishing 2003

2003 (Century Media 77490-0, 77490-2) CD (P/D) (57:00)
2003 (Century Media 77490-1) LP (EU/D) (54:30)
2003 (Century Media 77490-2) CD (EU/RUS) (54:30)
2003 (Century Media 77490-2P) CD (EU/D) (54:30) promo
2003 (Century Media 77490-8) CD (54:30)
2003 (Century Media 33490-2) CD (EU)
2003 (Metal Mind Records MASS 0929) MC (PL)
2003 (Century Media 8190-2) CD (US/China)
2003 (Century Media CD 8190-2, 8190-2) CD (US) promo
2003 (Century Media Records MS - 2160 - Z) MC (US)
2003 (Фоно FO319CD) CD (RUS) (54:30)
2003 (A.G.C. L 0086) MC (RUS)
2004 (Scarecrow Records SC04017) CD (MEX)
2005 (Century Media 9974902) CD (D)
2006 (Icarus Music ICARUS 236) CD (ARG)
2012 (Century Media 9982870, 77490-2) CD+CD (EU) (106:33)
2013 (Scarecrow Records SR07871) 2CD (MEX)

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