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52:02 / 59:33


doom metal/black metal


1. In Memoriam (1:26)
2. Finisterra (4:09)
3. Memento Mori (4:28)
4. Sons Of Earth (1:52)
5. Blood Tells (4:09)
6. Upon The Blood Of Men (4:55)
7. At The Image Of Pain (4:22)
8. Sanguine (5:51)
9. Proliferation (2:40)
10. Once It Was Ours! (4:53)
11. Mare Nostrum (1:56)
12. Luna (4:43)
13a. Best Forgotten (6:47) (14:09)
13b. No Audio (silence) (1:27)
13c. Untitled (5:53)

Track 13c is hidden track and starts playing after 1m 27s of silence.

Tracks 1,4,9 and 11 are instrumental.


Fernando Ribeiro (Fernando Miguel Santos Ribeiro)(26.08.1974 (Brandoa, Lisbon, Portugal) - vocals
Mike Gaspar (Miguel Teixeira Gaspar)(8.03.1976 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA) - drums
Pedro Paix緌 (Pedro Paixão Telhada)(b.1973 Portugal) - keys/guitar
Ricardo Amorim (17.04.1973 Lisbon, Portugal) - guitars/keys

Aires Pereira (14.04.1973 Caracas, Venezuela) - bass (Live)

Guests From The Past:

Big Boss(Root)(Ji齶 Valter) - Vocals on At The Image Of Pain
Birgit Zacher - Vocals on Luna and Sanguine
Raimund Gitsels - Violin on In Memoriam, Memento Mori, Sanguine and Once It Was Ours!

All Songs Remembered by Moonspell
All Lyrics Freely Associated by Fernando Ribeiro

Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Waldemar Sorychta
Assisted by Siggi Bemm and Dennis Koehne

Memorized at the Woodhouse Studios, Hagen, Germany, during the rainy month of November. 2005 E.V.

Anticipated by Waldemar Sorychta and Moonspell during the heat wave of August 2004 E.V. The freezing moon of February 2005 E.V. and the rust of October 2005 E.V. at Inferno Studios. Location unknown, Portugal.

Bass on "Memorial" Recorded by Waldemar Sorychta
All keyboards and samples recalled at Inferno Studios, location unknown, Portugal.

Cover Artwork and Layout by Adriano Esteves for Brocratik
Moongrams, Visual Enigmas and Layout by Wojtek Blasiak
Memento Mori (Band Photos) by Paulo Moreira for Naked Productions

All Songs Published by Copyright Control

Our Deep Thanks To All Our ENDORSES Fro Making Us Sound Heavier!!!

Management: Direct Management

℗ & © 2006 Universal Music Portugal, SA under exclusive license of Steamhammer, a division of SPV GmbH Made in the E.U.

℗ 2006 Steamhammer
© 2006 Steamhammer, a division of SPV GmbH. Distributed by SPV GmbH. Made in Germany

2006 (Universal Music Portugal, Steamhammer, Polydor 9878223) CD (P)
2006 (Universal Music Portugal, Steamhammer 0 602517 148031) CD+DVD (P)
2006 (Steamhammer SPV 80000962) CD (D) (59:33)
2006 (Steamhammer SPV 99821 2LP) 2LP (D)
2006 (Steamhammer SPV 99822 CD) CD (D) (59:33)
2006 (Steamhammer 99822) CDr, Album, Promo, PVC (D)
2006 (Universal Music Portugal, Steamhammer, Polydor 9878638) CD (D)
2006 (Steamhammer SPV 99820 CD DIGI, SPV 99820 CD Digi) CD (D)
2006 (Steamhammer, SPV USA SPV 9982A CD) CD (US) (64:45)
2006 (Scarecrow Records SC 06254) CD (MEX)
2006 (Hellion Records HEL 0544, HEL0544) CD (BRA)
2006 (Icarus Music ICARUS 208) CD (ARG) (52:02)
2006 (Moon Records, Steamhammer MR 1694-2, SPV 99822 CD) CD (UKR)
2006 (Steamhammer SPV 99820 CD DIGI, SPV 99820 CD Digi) CD (RUS) (64:45)
2009 (Steamhammer SPV 99821 2LP) 2LP (D) (59:14)
2020 (Alma Mater Records, Rastilho Records AMR-XVIII-MMXX) 2CD (D) (88:03)
2020 (Alma Mater Records, Rastilho RecordsAMR-XVIII-MMXX) 2LP (D)

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