Dream Theater [US] -
Distance Over Time

<br><b>Distance Over Time</b>

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60:51 56:56


progressive metal


1. Untethered Angel (6:14)
2. Paralyzed (4:17)
3. Fall Into The Light (7:04)
4. Barstool Warrior (6:43)
5. Room 137 (4:23)
6. S2N (6:21)
7. At Wit's End (9:20)
8. Out of Reach (4:04)
9. Pale Blue Dot (8:25)
Bonus track:
10. Viper King (4:00)


James LaBrie (Peter Wildoer, Mullmuzzler, The True Symphonic Rockestra, Winter Rose) - vocals
Jordan Rudess (Apricot Brandy, Dixie Dregs, Liquid Tension Experiment, Rudess Morgenstein Project, Speedway Blvd.) - keyboards
John Petrucci (G3, Liquid Tension Experiment, Liquid Trio Experiment, Majesty) - guitars
John Myung (Gordian Knot, Majesty, Platypus, The Jelly Jam) – bass
Mike Mangini ( Annihilator,Extreme, Mullmuzzler, Tribe Of Judah) – drums

Lyrics by John Petrucci (1,2,4,9)
Lyrics by John Myung and John Petrucci (3,6)
Lyrics by Mike Mangini (5)
Lyrics by James LaBrie (7,8,10)

Music Written by Petrucci, Rudess, Myung and Mangini

Produced by John Petrucci

Recorded by James "Jimmy T" Meslin
Vocals Recorded by Richard Chycki
Additional Vocal Production by Richard Chycki
Vocals Recorded at Mixland, Midhurst, ON

Mixed by Ben Grosse
Mixed at The Mix Room, Burbank, CA
Mix concierge and additional engineering: Paul Pavao

Mastered by Tom Baker at Baker Mastering, Calabasas, CA

Band and Studio Coordinator: Matthew "Maddi" Schieferstein

Label Manager/A&R International: Thomas Waber
International Product Manager: Jessica Lausen
Written and Recorded at Yonderbarn Studios, Monticello, NY
Special thanks to Cass Collins

Management: Frank Solomon and Jake Solomon for Frank Solomon Management, Inc.
Business Management: Rob Shore and Emily Hansen for RSA, Inc.
Business Affairs: Ron Bienstock and Jill Michael az Scarinci Hollenbeck
Booking Agent: Steve Martin and Keith Naisbitt for APA

Art Direction, Illustration and Design by Hugh Syme
Band photos by Mark Maryanovich
Additional photos by Matthew "Maddi" Schieferstein

Our court jester, Yorick - alas, we knew him well

All songs (c) 2019 Ytse Jams, Inc.
(p) 2019 Ytse Jams, Inc., under license to InsideOutMusic
(c) 2019 Ytse Jams, Inc., under exclusive license to Century Media Records Itd. / InsideOutMusic LC 01414 IOMCD 523. Distributed by Sony Music Entertainment

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2019 (Sony Records Int'l SICP 31234~5) 2CD (JAP)
2019 (Sony Records Int'l SICP 6014) CD (JAP)
2019 (Hellion Records HEL 1282) CD (BRA)

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