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Mystic Production

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progressive rock


1. The Day After (1:48)
2. Acid Rain (6:03)
Part I. Where Are We Now?
Part II. Dancing Ghosts
3. Vale Of Tears (4:49)
4. Guardian Angel (4:24)
5. Lament (6:09)
6. The Struggle For Survival (9:32)
Part I. Dystopia
Part II. Battle Royale
7. River Down Below (5:41)
8. Wasteland (8:25)
9. The Night Before (3:59)


Riverside Are:

Mariusz Duda - vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, piccolo bass, banjo, guitar solo on "Lament" and "Wasteland"
Piotr Kozieradzki - drums
Micha豉 ζpaj - keyboards ans synthesizers, Rhodes piano, and Hammond organ, theremin on "Wasteland"


Maciej Meller - guitar solo On "Acid Rain-Part II.Dancing Ghosts", "Guardian Angel", "The Struggle For Survival-Part II.Battle Royale" and "River Down Below"
Micha Jelonek - violin on "The Day After", "Lament", " Wasteland" and "The Struggle For Survival - Part II.Battle Royale"
Mateusz Owczarek - guitar solo on "Vale Of Tears"

All music and lyrics by Mariusz Duda, except
"Acid Rain - Part II. Dancing Ghosts" and "The Struggle For Survival - Part I.Dystopia" music by Mariusz Duda and Micha ζpak
"The Night Before" music by Micha ζpak, lyrics by Mariusz Duda

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Serakos Studio, Warsaw, Poland between December 2017 and July 2018 by Magda and Robert Srzedniccy

Drums recorded at JNS Studio, Warsaw, Poland, April 2018, by Pawe "Janos" Grabowski

Produced by Mariusz Duda, Magda and Robert Srzedniccy

Illustration, design, layout by Travis Smith
Band photo by Oskar Szramka

Management/Booking by Rob Palmen at Glassville Music -

2018 (Mystic Production MYSTCD 346) CD,Dlx (PL) (50:55)
2018 (Mystic Production MYSTLP 066 / MYSTLP072) 2LP (PL)
2018 ( Mystic Production MYSTCD 340) CD (PL)
2018 (Inside Out Music IOMLP 514) 2舴inyl,12"+CD (D)
2018 (Inside Out Music/Sony Music IOMLP 514 / 19075871861) 2LP+CD (D) ( 101:40)
2018 (Inside Out Music IOMLP 514) CD+CD (GB/EU/D)
2018 (Inside Out Music / Sony Music IOMCD 514 / 19075871852) CD (EU)
2018 (Inside Out Music / Sony Music IOMSECD 514 / 19075875402) CD (EU/RUS) (55:26)
2018 (Inside Out Music ‎– IOMLP 514) LP+LP+CD (EU) (101:40)
2018 (Inside Out Music 19075874662) CD (US)
2018 (Kattran Records KTTR CD 114) CD (RUS)

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