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Wrong Crowd

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1. Wrong Crowd (4:26)
2. Magnetised (3:55)
3. Concrete (3:50)
4. Constellations (4:34)
5. Sparrow (4:54)
6. Still Getting Used To Being On My Own (3:04)
7. Silhouette (4:45)
8. Jealousy (3:47)
9. Daddy (3:17)
10. Here I Am (3:30)
11. Somehow (6:50)
Extra - Red - Tracks
12. She Don't Belong To Me (3:58)
13. Mystery (4:24)
14. Entertainment (3:30)
15. I Thought I Knew What Love Was (3:46)


Tom Odell (Thomas Peter Odell)(24.11.1990 Chichester, West Sussex, England) - vocals, piano, synths and percussion

Strings on tracks 4,6,10,11, arranged and conducted by Chris Elliott
Engineered by Lewis Jones, assisted by John Barrett and Stefano Civetta
Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London
Contracted by Isobel Griffiths Ltd
Strings on track 7. Strings arrangement by Davide Rossi
Additional string arrangement by Chris Elliott
Strings conducted by Chris Elliott

Violin on tracks 4,6,7,10,11 by Peter Hanson, Patrick Kiernan, Rita Manning, Boguslaw Kostecki, Mark Berrow, Jackie Hartley, , Everton Nelson, Emil Chakalov, Emlyn Singleton, Perry Montague-Mason, Martin Burgess and Gaby Lester

Viola on tracks 4,6,7,11 by Rachel Stephanie Bolt, Bruce White, Peter Lale and Andy Parker

Cello on tracks 4,6,7,11 by Vicky Matthews, David Daniels, Caroline Dale and Ian Burdge

Cello on track 10 by Vicky Matthews and Ian Burdge

Double bass on tracks 4,6,7,11 by Chris Laurence
Harp on tracks 4,7,11 by Helen Tunstall
Bass guitar and double bass by Max Goff
Guitars by Max Clilverd
Drums, percussion and backing vocals by Andy Burrows except for track 14,15
Drums on tracks 14,15 by Rich Cooper
Programming and percussion by Jim Abbiss
Programming and additional synths by Liam Howe
Programming, drums, guitar and bass on track 2 by Dean Reid
Harmonica on track 5 by Conner Molander
Backing vocals on tracks 5,7,9 by Annabel Spooner

All tracks written by Tom Odell
Tracks 1,2,6,12,13 co-written with Ric Nowels
Track 7 co-written with Jamie Scott
Tracks 4,10 co-written with Andy Burrows

Tracks 1,4-10,12,13 produced by Jim Abbiss and Tom Odell
Track 2 produced by Jim Abbiss, Jim Abbiss and Tom Odell
Tracks 3,11 produced by Inflo (Dean Inflo 1st Josiah) and Tom Odell
Tracks 14,15 produced by Rich Cooper for Split Milk Management

Tracks 1,3-6,8,9,11 mixed by Michael H. Brauer, Mix assistant and Pro Tools engineer: Steve Vealey .Mixed at Electric Lady Studios, NY
Tracks 2,7,10 mixed by Mark "Spike" Stent at Mixsuite, LA, assistant by Geoff Swan and Michael Freeman
Tracks 12,13 mixed by Geoff Swan
Tracks 14,15 mixed by Rich Cooper at Studio 21, London

Tracks 1,2,4-10,12,13 recorded at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, Miloco The Pool, London and Assault & Battery 2, London by Oli Barton-Wood , additional engineering by Edd Hartwell
Tracks 3,11 at recorded at RAK Studios, London by Joseph Rodgers
Tracks 14,15 at recorded at Snap Studios, London by Rich Cooper

Additional production and backing vocals on tracks 4, 6,7,10 recorded at Constellations Studios, UK
Piano, drums and electric guitar on tracks 5, 8 recorded at Speakeasy Sound, LA. Assistant at Rockfield Studios by Joe Jones
Assistant at The Pool and Assault & Battery 2: Sam Harper

Tracks 1,3-12 mastered by Joe Ja Porta at Sterling Sound, NY
Track 2 mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NY
Tracks 13-15 mastered by Barry Grint at Alchemy Mastering, London

The "original" and forever lasting Wrong Crowd band are and shall always be: Max Goff, Andy Burrows and Max Clilverd
Tom Odell is managed worldwide by Sam Eldridge with Margherita Visconti for UROK management
Art Direction by George Belfield
Typography and graphic design by Fraser Muggeridge Studio

2016 (Columbia/Sony Music 88875188252) CD (EU) (46:52)
2016 (Columbia/Sony Music 88875188262) CD, Dlx (EU) (62:30)
2016 (Columbia/Sony Music 88985325552) CD, Dlx (GB/AU/Indonesia/Thailand)
2016 (Columbia/Sony Music 88875188251) LP (GB/EU) (46:55)
2016 (RCA Records/Sony Music 88985-32952-2) CD (US/CA)
2016 (Sony Records Int'l SICP-4639) CD (JAP)
2016 (上海声像/Sony Music CD-3407) CD (China)

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