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1. My Church Is Black (2:58)
2. Nightride (2:08)
3. On The Road (4:16)
4. Cross My Heart And Hope To Die (4:57)
5. Better The Devil I Know (3:38)
6. Of Sirens, Vampires And Lovers (3:50)
7. Magdalene (3:21)
8. Love & Death (2:29)
9. One Day (3:02)
10. Shaman Blues (3:59)
11. Voodoo Queen (3:18)
12. Get Outta This Place (3:12)
13. Ain't Much Loving (5:15)


Adam Nergal Darski (Behemoth, Damnation, Mastiphal, Wolverine) - vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
John Porter (Maanam, Porter Band, Lipnicka/Porter) - vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, harmonica and banjo

Wojtek Mazolewski (Pink Freud) - bass guitar and double bass
ㄆkasz Kuma雟ki (Proghma-C) - drums and percussion

Piano, loops and additional vocals by Jakub Ma鎥owski
Guest gang vocals by Kev Fox, Piotr Po豉 and Damian Ukeje
Guest female vocals on "Better The Devil I Know" by Luna Bystrzanowska (Tranquilizer)
Children愀 choir on "Cross My Heart And Hope To Die" by Marcysia Cudna, Paulina Hins, Magda Kusa, Mateusz Ceran
recorded in Audiorepublica by Filip Kuncewicz

Guest Hammond on "Better The Devil I Know" by Micha ζpaj (Riverside)
Guest accordion on "Cross My Heart And Hope To Die" by Czes豉w Mozil (Czes豉w 如iewa, Tesco Value)
Guest violin on "Better The Devil I Know" by Magdalena Szczypi雟ka

All music and lyrics by Adam Nergal Darski and John Porter

"SONGS OF LOVE DEATH" was recorded in Rolling Tapes Studio, November 2015

Produced by Adam Nergal Darski and John Porter
Engineered by Jakub Ma鎥owski
Assistance by Marek Schwartz

Additional recordings, mix and mastering by Jakub Ma鎥owski in Sounds Great Promotion studio

Art by Daniel P. Carter
Layout design and M&TM logo by Bartek Rogalewicz
Band portrats by Oskar Szramka and Peter Beste

2017 (Cooking Vinyl Limited COOKCD666) CD (EU/AU/NZ) (46:23)
2017 (Cooking Vinyl Limited COOKCD666X) CD, Dlx (EU) (52:54)
2017 (Cooking Vinyl Limited COOKCD659P) CD (EU) promo
2017 (Cooking Vinyl Limited COOKCT666) MC (EU)
2017 (Cooking Vinyl Limited COOKLP666) LP (EU/US) (46:15)
2017 (Cooking Vinyl Limited COOKL666X) LP (EU)
2017 (Wydawnictwo Agora ?) CD (PL)
2017 (Wydawnictwo Agora/Sony ATV ‎?) LP (PL)
2017 (Cooking Vinyl Limited COOKLP666) 13xFile, MP3, 16
2017 (Octave OTCD-6073) CD (JAP) (49:37)
2017 (Cooking Vinyl Limited/Soyuz Music COOKCD666) CD (RUS)

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