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Saturday Night Wrist

<br><b>Saturday Night Wrist </b>

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alternative metal


1. Hole In The Earth (4:09)
2. Rapture (3:26)
3. Beware (6:01)
4. Cherry Waves (5:18)
5. Mein (3:59)
6. U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,A,B, Select, Start (4:13)
7. Xerces (3:43)
8. Rats! Rats! Rats! (4:01)
9. Pink Cellphone (5:05)
10. Combat (4:46)
11. Kimdracula (3:16)
12. Rivière (3:45)


Abe Cunningham (Abraham Benjamin Cunningham)(27.07.1973 Long Beach, California) - drums
Chi Cheng (Chi Ling Dai Cheng)(15.07.1970 Stockton, California † 13.04.2013 French Camp, California) - bass
Chino Moreno (Camilo Wong Moreno)(20.06.1973 Sacramento, California) - vocals/guitar
Frank Delgado - (29.11.1970 Los Angeles) keys/samples
Stephen Carpenter (3.08.1970 Sacramento, California) - guitar

Additional vocals on (5) Serj Tankian(System Of A Down)
Additional vocals on (9) Annie Hardy (Giant Drag)

All songs written and performed by Deftones (except)
"Mein" written by Deftones, Serj Tankian & Shaun Lopez
"Pink Cellphone" written by Deftones and Annie Hardy
"Xerces" written by Deftones and Rick Verrett

Produced by Bob Ezrin and Deftones
Vocals Produced and Additional Production by Shaun Lopez
Recorded and Engineered by Brian Virtue and Brian Humphrey
Drums on (3) Recorded by Joe Johnston
Assisted by Robert "Flossey" Cheek at The Spot Sacramento, CA & The Hangar, Sacramento, CA
Pro Tools Engineer: Ryan Gorman

Recorded at The Carriage House, Stamford, CT; The Spot Sacramento, CA; The Airport, Burbank, CA; The Hangar, Sacramento, CA; Morning View House, Malibu, CA

Mixed by Ryan Williams
Mixed at The Pulse Recordings, Los Angeles; CA & Westlake Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Assistant Mix Engineer at Westlake Studios: Brian Warwick

Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisck, New York, NY

2006 (Maverick Recording Company 49346-2) CD (US) (51:42)
2006 (Maverick Recording Company 43239-2) CD (US) (51:42)
2006 (Maverick Recording Company 1-49346) 2LP (US)
2006 (Maverick Recording Company 9362-49346-2) CD (US/EU)
2006 (Maverick Recording Company 9362-43239-2) CD (US/ARG)
2006 (Maverick Recording Company CDW 43239) CD (CA) (51:42)
2006 (Maverick Recording Company 9362-43239-2) CD (GB/D) (51:42)
2006 (Maverick Recording Company 9362493462) CD (AU)
2006 (Maverick Recording Company WPCR-12492) CD (JAP)
2006 (Maverick Recording Company WPCR12492) CD (JAP)
2006 (Maverick/Warner Music Taiwan 9362-49346) CD (Taiwan)
2006 (Maverick Recording Company WBCD 2126) CD (South Africa)
2006 (Maverick Recording Company 936249346-2) CD (BRA)
2006 (Maverick Recording Company 43239-2) CD (RUS)
2006 (Tempstar Records PD40006) CD (RUS)
2011 (Maverick Recording Company 394790) LP (US)
2012 (Maverick Recording Company 43239-1)LP (US)
2012 (Maverick Recording Company / Warner Bros. B005CJTM3A) LP (US)
2012 (Maverick Recording Company 9362-49558-4) LP (EU)
2016 (Maverick Recording Company 13xFile, AIFF/ALAC/FLAC/WAV, Album, RM, 96K (US)

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