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indie rock/country/folk


1. Take Me To Church (4:01)
2. Angel Of Small Death And The Codeine Scene (3:39)
3. Jackie And Wilson (3:44)
4. Someone New (3:42)
5. To Be Alone (5:24)
6. From Eden (4:43)
7. In A Week feat. Karen Cowley (5:19)
8. Sedated (3:28)
9. Work Song (3:49)
10. Like Real People Do (3:18)
11. It Will Come Back (4:38)
12. Foreigner’s God (3:45)
13. Cherry Wine (rec. live outdoors in Greystones at 5am) (4:00)


Vocals, guitars, piano, synth: Hozier (Andrew Hozier-Byrne)(17.05.1990, Bray, Wicklow, Ireland)

Drums and percussion: Rory Doyle except tracks 1 & 10 Fiachra Kinder and tracks 6 & 9 Andre Antunes
Drums on track 2: Rory Doyle and Fiachra Kinder
Bass: Alex Ryan, except track 2: A. Hozier-Byrne
Cello: Kate Ellis
Additional cello on track 6: Matt Rather
Violin, viola on track 4: Ken Rice
Vocals on "In A Week": Karen Cowley
Additional percussion on track 8: Rob Kirwan and Andre Antunes
Piano on tracks 3 & 12: Alex Ryan
Piano on track 4: A. Hozier-Byrne and Alex Ryan

Songs composed and arranged by A. Hozier-Byrne
Except "Someone New" composed by A. Hozier-Byrne/Sally-Matu Garnett

Produced by A. Hozier-Byrne and Rob Kirwan
"Cherry Wine" Produced by A. Hozier-Byrne

Recorded in Wicklow and Dublin: in the attic and at Cauldron, Westland and Exchequer studios.
"Cherry Wine" recorded live outdoors in Greystones at 6am.

Mixed by Andrew Scheps at Punkerpad West, Van Nuys, CA. Except "Take Me To Church" : mixed by Rob Kirwan and "Cherry Wine": mixed by A. Hozier-Byrne

Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Marcussen Mastering

Artwork: Raine Hozier-Byrne
Logo and Front: Stevie Appleby
Design: Mark James

Management: Caroline Downey, Denis Desmond

Produced for Rubyworks by Niall Muckian (director), Roger Quail (A&R), Eoin Aherne (online)

Live agents: Kirk Sommer - WME Entertainment (North America), Emma Banks - CAA (rest of the world)
John Foley - Promoter and Irish Agent

Legal: Willie Ryan
Accounts: John Byrne, BDO Ciar嫕 Medlar and Mark Hynes

(p)&(c) 2014 Rubyworks Limited assignment to Island Records, A division of Universal Music Operations Limited

2014 (Rubyworks Ltd./Island Records 3792808) CD (EU/NZ/Indonesia/South East Asia)
2014 (Rubyworks Ltd./Island Records 3792818) 2LP (EU/CZ) (53:25)
2014 (Rubyworks Ltd./Columbia 3792815) 2CD, dix (GB/EU) (71:28)
2014 (Rubyworks Ltd./Columbia 4764290) 2CD (EU/MEX)
2014 (Rubyworks Ltd./Columbia 88843099961) 2LP/CD (US)
2014 (Rubyworks Ltd./Columbia 88843 09996 2) CD (US/CA/AU)
2014 (Rubyworks Ltd./Island Records 4712072 (86) CD (PL) (53:32)
2014 (Rubyworks Ltd./Island Records 060253792808) CD (BRA)
2015 (Rubyworks Ltd./Columbia 88875 10119 2) 2CD,DLx (US)
2015 (Rubyworks Ltd./Columbia 88875172672) 2CD, Dlx (AU)
2015 (Rubyworks Ltd. 476429-0) CD (South Korea)
2015 (Rubyworks Ltd. 4764290) 2CD (South East Asia)

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