ODELL, Tom [GB] -
Long Way Down

<br><b>Long Way Down</b>

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Columbia/Sony Music

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1. Grow Old With Me (3:03)
2. Hold Me (3:09)
3. Another Love (4:04)
4. I Know (3:53)
5. Sense (4:25)
6. Can't Pretend (3:37)
7. Till I Lost (3:38)
8. Supposed To Be (3:34)
9. Long Way Down (2:29)
10. Sirens (3:42)


Tom Odell (Thomas Peter Odell)(24.11.1990 Chichester, West Sussex, England)

Bass, upright bass and backing vocals by Max Goff
Acoustic guitar, electric guitar and backing vocals by Max Clilverd
Drums, percussion and backing vocals by Dan McDougall
Programming on (1,2) by Tom Elmhirst

except track 5:

Piano, lead vocals and backing vocals by Tom Odell
Bass/thump by Eg White

Programming on track 1 and 2 by Tom Elmhirst

All songs written by Tom Odell
Except tracks 2,5 written by Tom Odell and Francis White
Track 4 written by Tom Odell and Jonny Lattimer
Track 10 written by Tom Odell and Andy Burrows
Track 11 written by Randy Newman

Produced by Dan Grech-Maguerat for 365 Artists
Except track 2 vocals and original production by Eg White
Track 5 produced and engineered by Eg White

Mixed by Dan Grech-Maguerat
Except track 1 and 2 mixed by Tom Elmhirst , assisted by Ben Baptie
Track 3 and 7 mixed by Cenzo Townshend at Decoy Studios, assisted by Sean Juilliard

Engineered by Dan Grech-Maguerat and Duncan Fuller

All tracks mastered by Tony Cousins at Metropolis Studios, London

Written and arranged by Tom Odell

Cover photography by Andrew Whitton
Live photography by James Loveday
All artwork lyrics by Tom Odell
Design and layout by Christopher J Porter at I See Sea
Original artwork concept by Margherita Visconti

Tom Odell in managed worldwide by Sam Eldridge for UROK Management, assisted by Margherita Visconti

2013 (Columbia/Sony Music 8765439081) LP (GB/EU) (36:25)
2013 (Columbia/Sony Music 88765439082) CD (GB/AU/Indonesia) (35:36)
2013 (Columbia/Sony Music 88765489102) CD (GB) (51:51)
2013 (ITNO Records/RCA Records 88883-74601-2) CD (US) (44:49)
2013 (Columbia/Sony Music BD06760-01 / 88765439081) LP (US)
2013 (Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd. 88765439082) LP (US/CA)
2013 (Sony Music/RCA Records 88883-74601-2) CD (CA)
2013 (Sony Records Int'l SICP 3844) CD (JAP)

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