HARPER, Roy [GB] & Jimmy PAGE [GB] -
Whatever Happened To Jugula?

<br><b>Whatever Happened To Jugula?</b>

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Beggars Banquet

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folk rock/blues rock


1. Nineteen Forty-Eightish (9:43)
2. Bad Speech (1:15)
3. Hope (4:29)
4. Hangman (7:06)
5. Elizabeth (6:37)
6. Frozen Moment (3:16)
7. Twentieth Century Man (4:24)
8. Advertisement (Another Intentional Irrelevant Suicide) (8:19)


Roy Harper (12.06.1941 Rusholme, Manchester, England) - acoustic guitar, and/ or electric guitar, on all tracks except (3), plus assorted collection of percussive type instruments, all vocals and white coat
Jimmy Page (9.01.1944 Heston, Middlesex, England) - electric guitar, and/ or acoustic guitar on everything including the snooker table

Tony Franklin - electric bass, numerous out standing visits to the mirror, and well-worth listening to
Nik Green - horrific facial contortion, a few cans of Special Brew, even more Home Brew, and even more residue-and a keybord genius
Nick Harper - additional semi-acoustic guitar sequestering especially on (3), which is a song For his children愀 children (killing joke)

DRUMS (In Alphabetical Order)

Ronnie Brambles - (The Gene Krupa Of North Pier)
Steve Broughton - ("hahahahahahahahaaah")
Preston Heyman - (Hold The Egg)

(No, take it Black – and don愒 just scrape it off)
(I want another one, that hasn愒 even Heart of on egg)

Produced by Roy Harper

1985 (Beggars Banquet BEGA 60) LP (GB)
1985 (Beggars Banquet BEGC 60) MC (EU)
1985 (PVC Records PVC 8937) LP (US)
1985 (His Master's Voice/Victor VIL-6177/VIR-6177) LP (JAP)
1986 (Jugodisk LPS 1092) LP (YU)
1988 (Beggars Banquet BBL 60 CD) CD (GB) (45:20)
1988 (Beggars Banquet BBL60) LP (GB)
1999 (Science Friction HUCD032) CD (GB) (45:09)
???? (Elbo 1233) MC (PL)

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