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pop punk/post-hardcore


1. Sound Of The Sun (3:19)
2. Bodies And Words (3:13)
3. If You Could See Into My Soul (3:59)
4. Words Apart (4:06)
5. My Desaster (3:48)
6. Still Dreaming (3:55)
7. The Sand Will Turn To Glass (2:52)
8. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (3:33)
9. Vanity And Greed (3:59)
10. Love With Caution (3:27)
11. True Romance (5:50)
bonus tracks
12. Rain Will Fall (3:26)
13. Falling Down (3:14)


Shane Told (13.02.1981) - vocals
Paul Koehler (9.09.1983) - drums
Neil Boshart - Guitar
Josh Bradford - Guitar
Billy Hamilton (13.08.1984) - Bass

Group vocals by Shane, Billy, Josh, Paul and Neal
Additional guitar by Shane Todd
Additional percussion by Mark Trombino

Tracks 1,2,4,6 Music by Shane Todd
Tracks 3,5,6,9, Music by Neil Boshart / Silverstein
Tracks 8,10,11 Music by Josh Bradford / Silverstein

All Lyrics by Shane Todd except Track 6 by Boshart/Todd and Track 10 by Josh Bradford/Todd

Producer, Engineered and Mixed by Mark Trombino
Recorded March - April 2007 @ NRG Studios, North Hollywood, CA and Music Friends, Eagle Rock, CA.
Assistant Engineer @ NRG: Dave Colvin
Mixed @ The Pass Studios, Hollywood, CA
Assistant Engineer: Sara Killion
Mastered by Brian Gardner @ Bernie Grundman
Drum Tech: Mike Fasano
Assistant Engineering @ Music Friends by Carlos De La Garza

*Bonus Tracks:
Produced by Mark Trombino and Shane Told
Additional Vocal Production by Scott Komer
Engineered by Mark Trombino and Scott Komer
Recorded March-May 2007 at NRG Studios, Los Angeles, CA, Music Friends, Eagle Rock, CA and Blacksmith Studios, Toronto, ON
Mixed by Cameron Webb at Maple Studios, Santa Ana. CA.
Mastered by Brian Gardner @ Bernie Grundman

Artwork by Martin Wittfooth (
Layout and Design by Doublej for Victory Records
Art Direction by Silverstein
Band Photograph by Tyler Clinton (
Legal: Stacey Mitsopulos for Taylor Mitsopulos Burshtein
Business Management USA: Gary Kanter for Zeisler, Zeisler and Rawson
Business Management Canada: Ralph Grunier for Young and Grunier
Booking USA: Jeremy Holgersen for The Agency Group
Booking Canada: Omar Al-Joulani for The Agency Group
Booking Europe: Geoff Meall for The Agency Group
Merchandisc: www.merchnowcom/silverstein

Silverstein Crew 2005-2007
Juan Cuellar - Tour Manager
Chris Behm - Tour Manager
Sean Palmer - Sound Engineer
Kevin Kennaley - Guitar Tech
Danny DelPrincipe - Merch Manager
Chris "Cheapie" Robertson - Tech/Merch
Rich Fernandes - Drum Tech
Oscar Molina - Lighting Director

℗ 2007 Victory Records, Inc. © Another Victory (ASCAP)

2007 (Victory Records VR379) CD (US) (48:41)
2007 (Victory Records VR350) CD (US/CA) (42:01)
2007 (Victory Records VR383) CD (US)
2007 (Victory Records VR350-LP-SWBLVN) LP (US)
2007 (Victory Records VR350-LP-CLDOVN) LP (US)
2007 (Victory Records VR350-LP-SLYEVN) LP (US)
2007 (Victory Records VR350-LP-CLBLVN) LP (US)
2007 (Victory Records VR350-1) LP (US) (42:01)
2011 (Victory Records VR350-1) LP (US)
2015 (Victory Records VR350-LP-SLGRVN) LP (US)
2018 (Victory Records VR350-LP-SLORVN) LP (US)
2018 (Victory Records VR350-LP-SLTAVN) LP (US)

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