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Foot Of The Mountain

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We Love Music

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0-06025-2708998-0 / 0602527089980

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pop/synth pop


1. The Bandstand (4:02)
2. Riding the Crest (4:17)
3. What There Is (3:43)
4. Foot of the Mountain (3:58)
5. Real Meaning (3:40)
6. Shadowside (4:55)
7. Nothing Is Keeping You Here (3:18)
8. Mother Nature Goes to Heaven (4:08)
9. Sunny Mystery (3:31)
10. Start the Simulator (5:17)


Pål Waaktaar-Savoy - guitars, keyboards
magne f (Magne Furuholmen) - keyboards, guitars
Morten Harket - vocals

Additional musicians:

Steve Osborne - guitar, bass
Roland Spremberg - guitar, keyboards, bass
Chris Papendieck - guitar, keyboards
Albert Bjerglund - guitar
Erik Ljunggren - keyboards
Karl Oluf Wennerberg - drums
Jens Carstens - drums
James Frazee - drums
Andr Orvik - strings
Harald Aadland - strings
Vegard Johnsen - strings
Eileen Siegel - strings
Jørn Halbakken - strings
Alyson Read - strings
Hans Morten Stensland - strings
Øyvind Fossheim - strings
Bogumi豉 Dowlasz-Wojcikowska - strings
Dorthe Dreier - strings
Stig Ove Ose - strings
Ida Bryhn - strings
Hans Josef Groh - strings
Cecilia G飆estam - strings
Johannes Martens - strings

Strings arranged by Kjetil Bjerkestrand
Recorded by Jan Erik Kongshaug

Programming by Erik Ljunggren, Mark Saunders, Pete Davis, Roland Spremberg, Chris Papendieck and Jochen Schmalbach

Words by Paul Waaktaar-Savoy; music by magne f and Paul Waaktaar-Savoy (1-3,5)
Words by magne f and Paul Waaktaar-Savoy; music by magne f, Paul Waaktaar-Savoy and Martin Terefe (4)
Words and music by Paul Waaktaar-Savoy (6-8,10)
Words and music by magne f (9)

Produced by Steve Osborne for 140 db, Erik Ljunggren and a-ha (2,3,5,9)
Produced by Mark Saunders for Stephen Budd Management (1,10)
Produced by Roland Spremberg (4,6-8,10)
Tracks 2,3,5,8,9 contains elements produced by Mark Saunders

Mixed by Steve Osborne at Real World Studios, UK
Mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis and Kevin Metcalfe at The Soundmasters, UK

Recorded at:
NYC: Water Music, Beat 360 and The Alabaster Room.
NO: Yoda Studio, Alabaster Cottage, Malabar Studio and Rainbow Studio
D: Gaga Studios and Boogie Park Studios
UK: Real World Studios

Engineered by Erik Ljunggren, Manfred Faust, James Frazee and George Tanderø
Assistant engineers: Robin Baynton and Adam Daniels

Photos by Stian Andersen, Guy Berryman, iStockphoto and Helge Kvamme
Cover design by Martin Kvamme

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© 2009 Universal Music Domestic Pop, a division of Universal Music GmbH.

2009 (We Love Music 2710779) CD (GB)
2009 (We Love Music 0-06025-2708998-0 / 0602527089980) CD (EU/D/A/CH) (40:51)
2009 (Polydor 602527096995) CD (EU)
2009 (We Love Music 06025 2713644 8) CD (PL)
2009 (We Love Music 2708998) CD (CA)
2009 (Emotional Rescue Records EMOQ-10001) CD (JAP)
2016 (We Love Music / Universal Music Group 602547493033) LP (N)

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