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1. Walk On Water (3:05)
2. Dangerous Night (3:20)
3. Rescue Me (3:38)
4. One Track Mind feat. A$AP Rocky (3:51)
5. Monolith (1:39)
6. Love Is Madness feat. Halsey (3:54)
7. Great Wide Open (4:50)
8. Hail To The Victor (3:21)
9. Dawn Will Rise (3:57)
10. Remedy (3:17)
11. Live Like A Dream (4:05)
12. Rider (2:58)

There are ten different album covers, which does not affect the track listing


Jared Leto
Shannon Leto
Tomo Mili鋀vi

featuring: A$AP Rocky (Rakim Mayers) (4)
featuring: Halsey (Ashley Nicolette Frangipaine) (6)

Written by Jared Leto, Shannon Leto (1)
Written by Jared Leto, Stephen Aiello (2)
Written by Jared Leto, Graham Muron (3)
Written by Jared Leto, Rakim Mayers, Daniel Omelio (4)
Written by Jared Leto (5,7,9,11,12)
Written by Jared Leto, Ashley Nicolette Frangipaine (6)
Written by Jared Leto, Aiello, Jim Taihuttu, Nils Rondhuis, Thom van der Bruggen (8)
Written by Shannon Leto, Stephen Aiello (10)

Produced by Jared Leto (1,5,7,10,11)
Produced by Zedd (Anton Zaslavski) (2)
Produced by KillaGraham and Jared Leto (3)
Produced by Robopop (Daniel Omelio), Jared Leto and KillaGraham (4)
Produced by Jared Leto and Jamie Schefman (6)
Produced by Jared Leto and Yellow Claw (8)
Produced by Jamie Schefman and Jared Leto (9)
Produced by Tommy English and Jared Leto (12)

Recorded at The International Centre for the Advancement of the Arts and Sciences of Sound (Los Angeles, California)

CD bez opisu (CD no description)

2018 (Interscope Records B0028056-02) CD (US) (42:19)
2018 (Interscope Records ?) MC (US)
2018 (Interscope Records 00602567400851) CD (EU/RUS)
2018 (Interscope Records 00602567459941) CD, Dlx (EU) (51:09)
2018 (Interscope Records 00602567547235(86) CD (PL) (41:59)

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