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Little Fictions

<br><b>Little Fictions</b>

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indie rock/alternative rock


1. Magnificent (She Says) (4:25)
2. Gentle Storm (3:39)
3. Trust The Sun (5:55)
4. All Disco (4:27)
5. Head For Supplies (3:56)
6. Firebrand & Angel (5:25)
7. K2 (5:18)
8. Montparnasse (2:40)
9. Little Fictions (8:26)
10. Kindling (4:15)


Guy Garvey - vocals
Craig Potter - keyboards
Mark Potter - guitars
Pete Turner - bass

Alex Reeves
Drums: Tracks 3,4,5,6,9,10
Drums and percussion: Track 1

Craig Potter
Drum programming: Tracks 2,7
Kindling: Track 10

Strings by The Hall Orchestra: Tracks 1,10
Lyn Fletcher - leader
Sarah Ewins
Tiberiu Buta
Nicola Clark
John Gralak
Victor Hayes
Philippa Hayes
Paulette Bayley
Julia Hanson
Caroline Abbott
John Purton
Hannah Smith

Julian Mottram
Martin Sch輎er
Rob Criswell
Chris Emerson

Nicholas Trygstad
Jane Hallett
David Petri
Clare Rowe

Double bass:
Dan Storer
Bea Schirmer

Strings scored and conducted by Nick Ingman
Strings arranged by Nick Ingman, Guy Garvey and Mark Potter: Track 1
Strings arranged by Nick Ingman and Guy Garvey: Track 10

Backing vocals by London Contemporary Voices: Tracks 4,5,6
Kate Westall, Sian O'Gorman, Marit Røkeberg

Backing vocals by The Hall Ancoats Community Choir: Tracks 7
Alan Sykes
Angela Cotton
Catherine Kay
Charles McDermott
Christine Jeynes
David Weatherall
Deborah Faulkes
Edgar Reyes
Gail Meacham
Gerald Cotterill
Gwen Pugh
Jack Haves
Jennifer O就eill
Jim Battle
Joanne Holt
Joanne Zellweger
Josephine Smith
Judy Sykes
Laura Roberts
Linda Heslop
Lindsay Hunter
Lise Henderson
Louise Hamilton
Matthew Roughley
Michelle McCumesky
Patrick Carroll-Fogg
Rebecca Horn
Sam Rosen
Stephanie Burke
Sue Dunn
Valerie Bell
William Watremez

Choir Director: Stuart Overington

Music by elbow
Words by Guy Garvey

Produced and mixed by Craig Potter at Blueprint Studios, Salford
Engineered by Danny Evans
Recorded at Blueprint Studios, Salford, Gargunnock House near Stirling abd elbow rooms
Mastered by Tim Young at Metropolis Studios

'Firebrand & Angel' contains an interpretation of 'Like A River'. Written by Jim James. Published by Music of Big Deal/Removador Songs (BMI), administered by Words & Music, a division of Big Deal Music Group. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

'Little Fictions' embodies a master sample of 'We Free Kings' by Ginger Baker's Air Force licensed courtesy of Polydor Records a division of Universal Music Operations Ltd. Published by P E Baker (Music) Ltd. All Rights administered by Warner/Chappell Music International Ltd and a sample of 'Elephant Strut' by Maker licensed courtesy of Marco Jacobo. Used by persmission, All rights reserved.

Bridging melody in 'Firebrand & Angel' unwittingly stolen from My Morning Jacket's 'The River'. The use was granted by the endlessly generous Jim James. Thanks to Tim Thomas and all the staff at Blueprint.

2017 (Polydor Records 5722720) CD (GB/NL/EU/RUS)
2017 (Polydor Records 5723497) LP (GB/EU) (48:25)
2017 (Polydor Records 5734929) LP+CD (GB) (96:50)
2017 (Polydor Records 5722719) CD (EU)
2017 (Concord Records CRE00376) CD (US)
2017 (Concord Records CRE00377) LP (US)

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