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1. Salute (3:56)
2. Move (3:44)
3. Little Me (3:55)
4. Nothing Feels Like You (3:38)
5. Towers (3:58)
6. Competition (3:27)
7. These Four Walls (3:29)
8. About the Boy (3:44)
9. Boy (2:54)
10. Good Enough (3:53)
11. Mr Loverboy (3:14)
12. A Different Beat (3:28)


Perrie Edwards (10.07.1993)
Jesy Nelson (14.06.1991)
Leigh-Anne Pinnock (4.10.1991)
Jade Thirlwall (26.12.1992)

Additional programming by Nicky D巽ilva (1)
Vocal arrangement by Maegan Cottone (1)
Drums by Tom Barnes (1,3,6,8,10,12)
Keyboards by Pete Kelleher (1,3,6,8,10,12)
Bass by Ben Kohn (1,3,8)
Guitar by Guy "Wu Twang" Clangley (1,8)
Horns by Kick Horns (1,12)
Arranged by Simon Clarke (1)
Trumpet by Ryan Quigley (1)
Solo trumpet by Paul Spong (1)
Baritone sax by Simon Clarke (1)
Tenor sax by Tim Sanders (1,12)
Trombone by David Liddell (1,12)
Backing vocals and Vocal Arrangement by Duvall and Maegan Cottone(2)
Vocal Arrangement by Iain James and Maegan Cottone (3,6)
Guitar by Martin Anderson (3)
String Arrangement by Ben Collier (3,10)
All programming by MNEK (4)
Backing vocals by Camille Purcell MNEK (4)
Piano by James Scott and Reuben James (5)
All other instruments and programming by Edvard Førre Erfjord and Henrik Michelsen (5)
Strings Arranged and Conducted by Cliff Masterson (5)
Led by Tom Piggott-Smith (5)
Strings: (5)
Emlyn Singleton
Perry Montague-Mason
Patrick Kiernan
Mark Berrow
Sonia Slany
Boguslaw Kostecki
Chris Tombling
Cathy Thompson
Thomas Bowes
Deborah Widdup
Peter Lale
Bruce White
Rachel Stephanie Bolt
Andy Parker
Dave Daniels
Frank Schaefer
Martin Loveday

String Fixer: Isobel Griffiths (5)
Assistant String Fixer: Lucy Whalley (5)
Backing vocals by Iain James (6)
Guitar by Ben Kohn (6,12)
All instruments and programming by Richard "Biff" Stannard, Ash Howes and Jez Ashurst (7)
Strings led by Rolf Wilsony (7)
Arranged and Conducted by Cliff Masterson (7)
Violins by (7)
Rolf Wilson
Steve Morris
Tom Piggott-Smith
Richard George
Jeremy Isaac
Jonathan Hill
Laura Melhuish
Marianne Haynes
Kerenza Peacock

Violas by Bruce White, Tim Grant and Lucy Morgan (7)
Celli by Nick Holland and Nerys Richards (7)
Strings booked by Roz Colls (7)
Piano by Kiris Houston (8)
Programming and Percussion by Fred Ball (9)
Backing vocals by Camille Purcell (9)
Squeaky Toy by Milo Ball (9)
Vocal Arrangement by Camille Purcell (10)
Piano by Ben Kohn (10)
Vocal Arrangement by Iain James, Ayak Thiik and Maegan Cottone (3,6)
Arranged by Simon Clarke and Tim Sanders (1)
Trumpet by Ryan Quigley and Paul Spong (12)
Alto Sax & Baritone sax by Simon Clarke (12)
Bass Trombone by Richard Henry (12)

Produced by TMS (1,3,6,8,10,12)
Produced by Duvall (2)
Produced by MNEK (4)
Produced by Electric (5)
Produced by Richard "Biff" Stannard and Ash Howes (7)
Produced by Fred Ball (9)
Produced by RyKeyz (11)
Additional production by Nicky D巽ilva (12)

NESSO dla 2008